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Collaborative care means you don't just receive one physician's opinion, you get 45.

What does "team" mean to you? To us it means unity, strength, and commitment. It means collaboration and determination. We live by the mantra every day, "Team Work Makes the Dream Work." Your dream of a family is what we work tirelessly to achieve every day. With teamwork, persistence, and a whole lot of heart, we turn the impossible into possible.

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t Shady Grove Fertility, support is all around you. We realize this stuff isn't easy and it often isn't quick. It's also something people should never feel like they're facing alone. That's why we are all about being there for our patients, in as many ways that we can.

For our patients, we inform, we interact, we consult. We care, we support, and we encourage. We understand and appreciate what you're going through. Many, many of us have been in your shoes. We identify with you. From a position of empathy and engagement, we will guide you to a better place. A place where, maybe for the first time, you feel like you're in control—a prideful place with a community of courage surrounding you and embracing you.

Integral members of our support community are our physicians. They are undoubtedly among some of the most respected in the world. And the medicine we practice is some of the most proven and successful. But sometimes the best medicine isn’t just medicine. It’s the legion of believers and encouragers around you. From our nurses to our laboratory specialists, to our clinical assistants and financial services staff, our support staff of 600+ and counting is behind you to cheer you on, comfort you when you're defeated, and celebrate with you in your successes.

At Shady Grove Fertility, you’re never an island. You’re never without answers. You’re never anything but supported and engaged. Because here, being more means never being on your own.

Learn more about your care and discover the power of what's possible, 1-888-761-1967 or schedule an appointment online.

From the bottom to the top of the organization, we never stop doing whatever we can to deliver amazing care. I can't think of any greater privilege than being a part of this passionate team of believers and achievers.

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