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Egg Donor Database

the Largest Donor Egg Program in the nation

Last year, Shady Grove Fertility performed over 1,000 donor egg treatment cycles, with 85 percent of the recipients selecting a donor recruited by SGF. Our donor recruitment efforts are active and ongoing and our database of immediately available donors is robust. Before a donor is ever added to our database, she must undergo our stringent medical, genetic and psychological screening. Of the over 10,000 applicants that apply annually, three percent are accepted as an egg donor.

Thoroughly Tested and Qualified Egg Donors

Each week additional donors are added to the database as new or repeat donors qualify to donate. You can modify your search based on specific criteria; ethnicity, height, hair or eye color. We encourage patients to limit the number of criteria, as to allow for a larger selection of donors to view. Each donors profile will include extensive information regarding that donor; her physical characteristics, health history, genetic diseases results, family health history, education, interests and hobbies. Each donor provides childhood photos and many of our donors have consented to showing their current adult photographs.

In June 2014, we have markedly increased the degree of our donor genetic screening as improved technologies have become available. This type of genetic screening is not yet frequently done on couples who are planning on having a baby, but is a routine part of our screening for donor egg candidates.

Based upon when the donor was screened, she would have been tested for a panel of 14 genetics tests, or the current panel, which is over a hundred genetic tests. The level of screening is based upon the standards at the time of the donor’s application, and acceptance into the program, and will be listed as part of her profile.

Many people in the population – including many of us - are carriers of a number of genetic mutations. We do not have any disease, but all of our cells including eggs and sperm are carriers for it. The more comprehensive the screening, the more mutations are picked up. If the donor is a carrier, half of her eggs will carry the particular mutation and half will not. If the carrier mutation in the donor’s egg is matched with the same carrier mutation found in half the sperm on average 25% of the offspring will therefore have that disorder (these are referred to as Autosomal Recessive Gene Disorders). The clinical consequences of any such genetic disorder present a broad range, from very serious to the very minor, and quite a number even may be clinically non-existent. A donor, even if she is a carrier of some autosomal recessive genetic mutation for which we screen, may be considered to be chosen by you if the male partner is screened and found negative for the same mutations.

As it takes considerable time to run, analyze, and review the genetic screening results, the only way to provide patients with information upon which they can make a decision about choosing any particular donor is to also have the male partner screened as early in the process as possible to see which mutations, if any, he may carry. Once test results come back, you can decide, with the help of a trained genetic counselor, which donor might be most suitable to you among choices you may have.

Genetic screening is done through Counsyl, an independent laboratory for all donor and non-donor genetic screening. It is also important to remember that genetic screening tests while highly accurate and markedly reduce risk, cannot bring a level of absolute certainty in screening anyone, either the donor or the male partner for genetic mutations.

To match with a donor who has completed her screening, and is in the donor database ready to be selected, the male genetic screening must be performed and results available in advance. We also understand that many current male recipients have not been screened for genetic diseases, and are therefore encouraged to select a donor that is not a carrier for any genetic diseases.

To maintain quality and security for patients, an access code is required to view the database.

Questions About Donor Egg Treatment

Shady Grove Fertility’s fully pre-screened database of egg donors can be viewed by any interested donor egg recipient. Patients may register to receive temporary access, which grants them access to a preview of our database.

Register here to view our donor database.
(Please use Chrome as your browser when accessing the donor database.)

Once you have entered the Donor Egg Program and completed the necessary screening as a donor egg recipient, you will be given full access to the databases (fresh and frozen) where yu may select an egg donor; full access will also allow you to see current adult photos if the donor gave her consent. As the database is dynamic, donors are frequently matched and removed from the active database. In addition, donors may be approved as a shared donor and therefore will not be available for selection in all programs.

Once you’ve selected an egg donor, we ask that you contact your financial coordinator to arrange for payment within 3 business days. Once your payment is received, the match will become official and your nurse and clinical team will be in contact to discuss the next steps. If you’re working with a shared donor, your nurse will be able to generate treatment dates upon completion of the match.

For additional questions, please call the appropriate number below. We look forward to working with you and being a part of your treatment journey.

Current Patients

Please contact the recipient liaison team [email protected] or 301-545-1400.
To log in to the database, please click here.

Prospective Patients

Please call 877- 705-1155 for more information or e-mail:
[email protected]

Register here to view our donor database.
(Please use Chrome as your browser when accessing the donor database.)

Frozen Donor Egg Program

Our frozen donor egg program offers patients an immediate cycle start with similar success rates compared to our traditional (fresh) donor egg program. Patients do not have to wait for a donor because our donors are fully screened and have already completed their egg retrieval. Their eggs are frozen and ready to be selected. Click here to self-register and visit our frozen egg database.

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