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Donor & Gestational Carrier

Third-Party Reproduction

When you are unable to conceive, a number of diagnoses are possible—some that are easy to remedy, and others that can present greater challenges. Sometimes, despite an accurate diagnosis, multiple in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles may prove to be unsuccessful. In other instances, very rarely, a physician may diagnose someone from the outset as being unable to use the female partner’s eggs or the male partner’s sperm.

There is hope, though, in the form of third-party reproduction. Third-party reproduction is defined as the use of eggs, sperm, and/or embryos that have been donated by a third person (whom we refer to as a donor) to enable an infertile individual or couple (known as the recipient(s)) to become parents. Another aspect of third-party reproduction is the use of gestational carriers. Third-party reproduction is also commonly used by single women and same-sex couples who may need reproductive assistance.

The decision to embark upon third-party reproduction isn't always an easy one to make. But at every step of the way, Shady Grove Fertility has a team in place to help patients—medically, emotionally, and financially. We want our patients to know that even when their original plans did not turn out as expected, there are always additional treatment paths available. We will be there to help you make these difficult decisions by providing unlimited support and care. We are also fully committed to providing you with the best resources available, whether it's access to the largest donor pools or the best agencies for finding a gestational carrier. We are here to help you become a parent by whichever treatment plan will work best for you.

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