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International Patients

Traveling to shady grove fertility

Over the past 25 years, men and women from over 35 countries have traveled to Shady Grove Fertility for their fertility care, specifically to participate in our International Donor Egg Program. To provide the best service for patients, we offer several financial programs to help reduce the cost as well as a streamlined treatment process to help reduce international travel.

Reducing the Cost of Donor Egg Treatment

Shared Risk 100% Refund Program
The Shared Risk 100% Refund Program is by far our most popular financial option allowing patients to access up to 6 treatment cycles and an unlimited number of frozen embryo transfers for a flat fee. Should the patient not take home a baby or decide to leave the program early they will receive a 100% refund, some exclusions may apply.

Shared Donor Egg Program
Donor egg treatment has historically been cost prohibitive for many patients. The introduction of Shady Grove Fertility's Shared Donor Egg Program changed that - now more couples than ever are able to access this needed treatment. A retrospective look at our donor cycles found that splitting the eggs of a single donor, along with the cost, between 2 or 3 couples reduced the expense without impacting the outcomes in both pregnancy and live birth rates.

Streamlined Treatment & Travel

Complimentary Initial Phone and In-Person Consultation
All out-of-area patients receive a complimentary phone consultation with a physician. During this consult, patients will review their medical history, and receive the physician's recommendation prior to having to incur any expense.

Two Visits for Patients Undergoing Donor Egg Treatment
Since the stimulation monitoring is completed by the donor, whom is local to our center, you only need to visit our center on two occasions: an initial recipient day visit to meet with your physician, nurse, and the rest of the donor team and then return for the embryo transfer.

Co-Management Agreements with Other Fertility Centers
Shady Grove Fertility has co-management agreements with centers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. These agreements allow us to minimize the number of visits needed to our center. We will liaise directly with your local clinic to arrange any additional appointment you will need.

Experience You Can Rely On

Largest Donor Egg Program in the United States
With more than 8,000 babies born from our Donor Egg Program, Shady Grove Fertility has the largest donor egg program in the U.S. With size comes a level of experience that each of our patients directly benefits from as a result.

Success Rates Among the Highest in the Nation
With experience comes greater success- this can be seen in our program success rates reported with the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

No Wait for Egg Donors

Largest Donor Database in the Nation
There is no wait for donors as all of our donors have been medically pre-screened and are ready to begin their donation cycle as soon as their cycles are synced with yours. The donor database features lengthy donor profiles with information about the donors’ personal and family medical histories, photos, and essays explaining why they are interested in donating their eggs.

Fresh and Frozen Donor Egg Options
At Shady Grove Fertility, patients get to choose their donor from either our fresh or frozen donor database. The fresh database allows patients to participate in the Shared Donor Egg Program where the frozen database allows for a faster time to treatment as the donors have already cycled and their eggs are immediately available.

Let's get started together. Call us today to learn about the power of what's possible, 1-888-761-1967 or request more information about our International Program.

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