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You can often control your fertility health by being proactive, whether you want to wait or start a family right away.

In a recent Shady Grove Fertility survey, close to 50 percent of respondents said that if they had known of the opportunity to test for the amount of eggs they had left prior to experiencing infertility they would have done so.

Getting Pregnant FAQ

Most of us enter the “trying to conceive” arena armed with whatever we learned as teenagers about getting pregnant. Our educators were so focused on delivering lessons about safe sex and pregnancy avoidance that many of the details of the how the male and female reproductive systems actually work were glossed over. It is no wonder we all assume that when the time is right, and we stop contraception, pregnancy will just happen. It’s that easy, right? Certainly, that was the take away for most of us.

For most part, that is the truth. But what we never learned is that 20 percent of those boys and girls would experience infertility. We also likely didn't learn ways to proactively identify the early signs and symptoms of this rather pervasive, surprisingly common disease.

To achieve a pregnancy, the male and female reproductive systems must first execute a complex sequence of interdependent processes to produce sperm and egg and prepare the female body for conception and pregnancy. Next, the sperm must find their way to the egg and fertilize it in order to create an embryo. The embryo must implant in the uterus where it develops for the next 9 months. Any breakdown in this process—hormone imbalances, structural anomalies, and even poor timing of intercourse—can result in no conception.

The great news is that a specialist can easily treat most of these problems. The key—as with most diseases—is prevention and early intervention.

We've designed this section to give you a basic understanding of the mechanics behind female and male reproduction, a knowledge and understanding of which can go a long, long way toward proactively identifying potential problems, knowing how to optimize and preserve fertility, and knowing when and where to seek help if pregnancy doesn’t happen so easily.

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A perceived loss of control over many aspects of life often accompanies infertility. However, one of the things men and women alike can often control is being proactive and living healthy before pregnancy occurs.

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