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Medication Discount Programs


edication is a vital piece of a patient's treatment, and sometimes a piece that is not covered by insurance. To help patients, SGF has partnered with EMD Serono and RARx Pharmacy to provide patients with the best service and pricing options.

Self-Pay Medication Discount Program

SGF designed the Medication Discount Program to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for self-pay patients. All patients without insurance benefits for medication—or those who choose to waive their benefits—may qualify for this program. In addition, patients with insurance benefits may also benefit from the services offered by SGF’s preferred pharmacy, RARx.

Benefits of the Self-Pay Medication Discount Program
  • Exclusive medication discounts for SGF patients
  • Average cycle savings of up to $1,000 off of retail pricing
  • Expert counseling on additional savings and financial options

  • Gonal F
  • Cetrotide
  • Ovidrel
  • Menopur
  • Pregnyl (hCG)
  • Leuprolide Acetate Trigger
  • Endometrin

apply for greater discounts through emd serono's compassionate care program
  • Available for patients that qualify for Shared Help
  • Discounts apply to the medication’s pharmacy retail price and cannot be combined with SGF’s Self-Pay Medication Discounts
  • For more information and to apply for the Compassionate Care Program
  • Talk with your clinical care team today about participating in the Self-Pay Medication Discount Program.

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Pharmaceutical discount programs

Compassionate Care Program
The Compassionate Care Program is available to eligible patients who may not otherwise be able to afford fertility medication. The program offers up to 75 percent off certain fertility medications, such as Gonal F, Cetrotide, and Ovidrel, and can be combined with added savings, provided by the pharmacy, on other, Non-EMD Serono Medications, such as Menopur, Lupron Trigger, and HCG Trigger. The Compassionate care Program cannot be combined with the automatic 50% off received by Shared Help patients.

Active Military Personnel and Veterans
The Compassionate Care program provides eligible active, veteran, or retired military a minimum of 25% off of EMD Serono products.

RARx Pharmacy
RARx Pharmacy is a specialty pharmacy, able to fill the medication needs for SGF patients. RARx has dedicated staff, trained in fertility medications. RARx is able to provide next day shipping, and works with most insurance plans. To learn more regarding RARx: https://rarxpharmacy.com/

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